Sunday, February 05, 2006

Boycott Ignorance!

I'm still fuming over the violent vandalism of this morning.
Politicians of every flavor have condemned this thing to death already, but it all feels so impotent now.
Sure, there are political motivations/implications for all of this and in analysis I could probably see how alterior motives may have exploited the situation. Yet it remains our fault for letting that exploit take place.

We need strong measures.
We need legal action.
And above all, we need education to counter the ignorance that feeds this fire.

I created this graphic for the blog sidebar, feel free to copy it if you wish.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What will it take to give Lebanon its independence from all these leeches? It looks like as much as you say or do the power to ruin and spoil it all is on the hands of those who know that in Lebanon you can come in, spit all over the place, and as its a known fact, Lebanon will just do the 3 monkey act, no see, no hear, no speak. Pity such a beautiful place, with so much potential, will always be on the mercy of those who know how weak we really are.

11:16 PM, February 05, 2006  

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