Sunday, February 05, 2006


For the first time, I am shamed to call myself Lebanese.

Screwballs burnt the Danish embassy yesterday in Damascus, and it therefore became mandatory that the same happen in Beirut! They went beyond that even with wanton destruction of private property and a church's windows. What better way to coutner that silly caricature of a terrorist prophet Mohammed than to destroy, burn and vandalize. Good job muslim-world. It's like fucking for virginity. Agnostics have no place in this part of the world.

To any Danes reading this, I apologize.
Denmark, I love you.
I will bathe in Lurpak tonight.

Blame is squarely on the shoulders of our own security forces. If I were in the army, there would be a 9mm shell lodged in the head of the torch-throwing protestor before he got anywhere near the building.

You there with the phone, your momma!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ramzi. We Danes thank you very much for your support. Everybody is sorry for the things that have happened and that we can somehow some day come to a mutual understanding.

I wish you good luck and let us know if you need any Lurpak butter. We suddenly have a lot left over in our reserves over for certain reasons.. ;)

3:01 PM, February 05, 2006  
Blogger M a a N said...

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3:56 PM, February 05, 2006  
Blogger M a a N said...

You are right Ramzi. I am feeling the same way. Plus, we have to blame the security forces for being very lenient.

We shouldn't be sorry for Danes. We should be sorry for the christians in Ashrafieh who were scared to death, for the churchs that were hit by rocks, for the cars that are destroyed...

We should be sorry that such people exist in our country. Trust me, if hell exist, these people will be the first visitors.

4:07 PM, February 05, 2006  
Anonymous Danish patriot said...

Thanks for your support!

And let me add something about our relation to Islam (apart from the cartoon controversy). This will also not make you happy, but it is the sad truth.

Muslims are very unpopulair in Denmark, and in most of Europe for these reasons:

Rape and mass rape of our woman (statistics from various EE countries prove their rape and crime rates are from 4 to 8 times higher than indeginous Europeans).
Unprovoked violence in the streets, robbing and stealing from everybody from old people to school children. And yes moslim children indulge in this kind of shit from age 10 years, robbing other schoolchildren!

Being parasites who don't want to work (can't find a job because don't speak language, or must wear burka or headscarf, or must pray five times a day or whatever). Wife cannot go to doctor. Must be female. Wife cannot go to language school because teacher is man or infidel. Don't want to shake hand with man 'cause koran forbids etc.

Wanting us to adept to their customs, like not serving pig meat in institutions, seperate swimming for man and woman, craving to wear headscarfs or burka's (burka: Somali's are the most unpopular bastards) And loads of stuff like that.

Well anybody still wonders why we thing the muslim religion is a pile of shit?

I used to think ok. these bastards here in Denmark, they are the lowlifes who couldn't make it at home. I guess the people living in their home countries are ok. I was against the Iraq war and Bush and Israeli settlers, even though 80 % of the muslims in this country are no better than ungrateful animals forever wanting more priviliges. But after I saw what they did in the streets in the Muslim countries, I would give Bush & the Israeli defence force a carte blanche to clean up that evil mess.

I'm sorry to have to tell you this, 'cause I'm sure there are still a lot of good people like yourself. They just seem to be very few.

Make sure you have some accomodation ready in your country, because we are going to ship all of these bastards back to where they came from. They had an easy life for a long time, so give them some hard forced labour.

Apologize again to you my friend, I feel sorry. But what I said is the truth. A lot of it is also to blame on our own authorities though, who for years have treated every critizim of the immigrants as being 'racism'.

Some stories about the murderous muslim immigrants here

So when you meet your country men living in Denmark being on 'vacation' (mainly while getting welfare) in your country, and showing off all their money (they get probably as much in one month as you earn in a year) know what kind they probably are. A bunch of ungrateful thieves and beggars. These 'pious muslims' are top customers in our porn shops and prostitutes. (although even many of them refuse arab customers, because they are abusive). Taking drugs and drinking, but getting upset about a few pictures, even thought they grew up in our society, and are used to our ways of making fun of anything, also Christianity, ourselves, our Queen and our ministers.

(sorry if I double posted,is not intentional)

7:01 PM, February 05, 2006  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Anonymous Dane
What happened today was a crime committed by ignorant people against innocents, Lebanese more so than Danish. It is illogical and immoral to accuse others of doing what they themselves carried out. I hope you realize that while most Lebanese don't condone insults towards religions or races, they certainly don't condone such wanton violence.

I agree, the events today would not have reached what they did if there was proper security presence. But the Danes are also owed a deep sincere apology.

Danish Patriot
I understand how emotional this issue is for you, and as you said, there are issues here beyond the limited scope of the recent events. There have been social and idiological problems posed by the immigrant/refugee populations in Denmark and elsewhere in Europe for many years now and this recent violence is only the tip of the iceberg. I know that Danish society is mostly secular and that makes the dicotomy even greater, for you cannot understand religious ethnic feeling and regard it as inferior. You may be right, I myself am agnostic and long for secularity in society.

You apologize for offending me, and that's ok. I am not offended. I am not even muslim. But let me assert that Islam is a concept, a religion. Muslims are people who apply this religion. If these immigrants and moslems in the arab world are applying a disfunctional version of Islam that is the problem, not Islam in itself. If you read this article by Robert Fisk, you can get a different viewpoint of these events.

Let me just state what I believe is true:
#1: Immigrants or refugees must accept the basic civil laws of the society in which they choose to live. Plato's Republic states that living in a society is an implicit acceptance of its laws.

#2: Many European nations have welcomed immigrants for humane causes and that is commendable and generous. However, these immigrants were then allowed to evolve on the margin of society with no active effort to integrate and assimlate them. This is an unnatural and unsustainable condition and leads to rejection, mistrust and racism.

#3: Economically, these populations pose a burden on their adoptive countries in some cases, and are a pool of cheap labor in other cases. Better selection of immigrants and gradual normalization to civilian status would have avoided this.

The immigrant problem in Europe is complex and beyond the scope of this blog or even our discussion. Europe needs to take a long serious look at this and work with the immigrant's countries for a solution. I understand your emotions, really I do. I am not Danish and felt offended today. But my advice for you and myself is this: if you treat ignorance with ignorance you will only make it stronger. The war in Iraq or in Palestine is an example. Europe has been an example of the power of human reason over human instincts. You were witness to the most brutal wars of history, and today you stand united. Stay true to your principles, and we will try to be more like you.

7:52 PM, February 05, 2006  
Blogger hillz said...

although they r foolish and a good example for ignorance, i thanked god here in my 10m2 room away from home that police and army men didn't tend to shoot any body. U know the symbolism of that to happen for such people in Asharafieh? 1 word to describe it all: الغباءw no2ta 3a ssator!!

11:50 PM, February 05, 2006  
Anonymous Danish Patriot said...

Sorry, I don't really have time for very much and deep, but a couple of things come to mind:

Immigrants are marginalized by society and not let in to integrate.

Complete bull. It has been clearly proven that they are the ones who are most racist and unwilling to give up even the crudest of their traditions at any price. You don't know shit about Denmark, and how good these people live compared to people in your country, and get usually more than unemployed Danes. They have nice flats, cars, mobile phones, dico's you'd want to come if you didn't realize it's too late now. All for doing nothing and protesting and complaining about God be my witness, EVERYTHING.

Koran Muslim pracice

If these muslims live or don't live according to the right kind of islam is no concern of mine, and my objective is not really to prove anything about that book. I focus on the enormous trouble muslims cause in the world everywhere, including the trouble that I witnss in Denmark. Muslim immigrants are bad news in Europe. Why not the Vietnames, Chinese, or other groups with numerous immigrants?

The common denominator is the muslim faith.

Sorry got to go my friend..

3:53 AM, February 06, 2006  
Blogger Xylocaine said...

If i were danish i would feel and think the same...let's kick all those muslims out of the country... but wouldn't that be segregation?Bias? Racism? We have a saying here"Not all fingers are alike" so we hope you don't put all arabs or muslims in one basket. I had a danish girlfriend and currently we have 2 danish visitors at our hospital...and i'm sure they can tell you 100 good things about the Lebanese and their way of living...which is very close to danish lifestyle by the way. The chaos we saw yesterday in beirut was caused by a retarded minority...and investigations have shown that most of Bad acts were caused by syrians and palestinians and not lebanese. This cloud will pass...and i hope that we're back to being friendly nations...We know that Denmark has always supported Justice and Good cause...Hur mar du?

10:00 AM, February 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted, as a Dane, simply to thank you for your nice words and express my sympathy for your feelings, but got somewhat sidetracked by the hatred in my fellow countryman's remark above. I hope you will not believe that it is an expression of the majority in Denmark. Hatred of "the other" exists everywhere, what a shame for us all.

9:25 PM, February 06, 2006  
Anonymous Another dane said...

Thank you for the clear comment which made it all the way to Denamrk. Is nice to see a secualr Lybian.

I too got sidetracked by the "danish patriot" I cant think of him as a patriot as he indeed is a nazi. And are among thoose in Denamrk escalating the hatred with lies ans insults.

Peace, respcet and a better tommorow for all of mankind are indeed more needed now than ever.

9:31 PM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Anonymous and Another Dane
It's great to hear such wise words of tolerance from the Danish people as well.
I think that the more we know about each other the less ignorance there is and the easier it is to solve our common problems.

For the record though, I'm Lebanese not Lybian.

12:32 AM, February 09, 2006  

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