Saturday, October 22, 2005

Report Reaction

I'm still reading the damn beautiful thing!

And I won't get into a long-drawn analysis of the report, there are excellent blogs that do that well already (here, here, here & here).

I'm still at page 10 and I'm already feeling intense emotion, and a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

: at the stark cruelty of the facts.

Sadness: at our loss.

Vindication: we knew it & we kept it alive.

Frustration: I want those bastards dragged in the streets RIGHT NOW!

I'll come back to certain paragraphs from the report if I feel I have something to add to the ongoing discussion. For the most part though, I have this to say:

Right after the assassination & in the hearts of most Lebanese the guilty party was already known.
Whether you believed it was the Syrians + Lebanese cronies, some Western conspiracy, or a random act of violence by an alien race, the Mehlis Report is not likely to change your mind.
But for Lebanese like myself, who have championed this Truth all along and nurtured it in our souls for the past 250 days, the report is a pat on the back, a promise of things to come, and a respite in our journey for justice.


Anonymous girl across the sea said...

One can't help but feel...hmm a little proud...that someone finally listened...that we knew we were right...that this just reinforced the truth we have been trying to prove for too many years. It's sickening and freeing at the same time...

ya gotta feel a little good about this's an unexplainable feeling knowing...we weren't wrong...we didn't give up...the truth that so many have lived was exposed...maybe this is the light in the tunnel we have all been searching for...


7:29 PM, October 22, 2005  
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