Thursday, December 16, 2004

What have we here...

What does reality TV, celebrity gossip and papparazzi have in common?
Other people.
We are totally fascinated by anybody's personal life except our own.

Finally, the internet equivalent of going through a strangers medicine cabinet is here!
I'm talking about "found photos". They're all over the web and it's catching on. Sites that are full of pictures taken by people you don't know, in places you don't know, with other people you don't know, for reasons you don't know. Sounds dull right? Yeah well it's addictive.

The most infamous place for these pics is this site.

They say the pictures were all collected from people who've installed file-sharing software on their computers and who (stupidly) didn't notice that they are sharing their entire lives with the world. Ah well...

Note: There is no editing or sorting of these pictures whatsoever. Adult content may be found, as well as photos of pets dressed in leotards.


Blogger Eve said...

Hey Ramzi,
your "blah blah", as you call it, is really interesting. So, keep it going and thx for ur nice comment :-)

8:53 PM, December 24, 2004  

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