Thursday, November 04, 2004

Letter to Grandad

Dear Grandad

I know that you haven't heard from me for a while now and we no longer talk as much as we used to before. But I've been really busy lately and you being dead doesn't help either. We have a lot to catch up on, so this will be brief and I promise to write more soon.

I guess you have heard by now that Dubya has been re-elected for another 4 years. You had said that you would rather die than see this day but I didn't think you'd take it so literally. Anyway, tell me what the hell is happening up there?! I thought that - with 4 hurricanes and a volcano eruption - the divine message was clear!
I must say His ways are getting more and more mysterious and it's no longer cute.

Everyone here sends their regards. As for grandma, well she still loves you and mentions you all the time. She misses you a lot though you can understand why she's not in a rush to see you anytime soon.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ramzi, although some might find the letter to you grandpa sentimental and sad, I think it's really funny! I think you should write to him more often, you never know maybe in heaven they do have internet access.

9:21 AM, November 05, 2004  
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