Sunday, November 28, 2004

Falling Parallel Butterfly

I was having a discussion with friends the other day about how some movies deal with real concepts of physics. Like for example...

  • Chaos theory: This basically describes the propensity of a system to be sensitive to initial conditions. Very minute differences in how a reaction starts can have amazingly huge consequences on the outcome of the reaction.

Movies to see: Run Lola Run, The Butterfly Effect

  • Parallel Universes: The idea that the universe in which we exist is only one of many possible universes that are existing together, in parallel. Time is basically the transition between one and the other. Like an animated cartoon, where each frame is a universe and the movie is constructed basically by the succession of one frame after the other. It places an interesting twist on deja-vu and other paranormal phenomena (e.g. you experience love at first sight because in a parallel universe the both of you are already a couple).

Movies to see: Sliding doors, Stargate

  • Gravity: Apple hits Newton on the head.

Movies to see: the entire plane disaster genre


Blogger Slink said...

Ah run lola run that's a good film. Nice one

9:29 PM, November 28, 2004  

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