Sunday, November 13, 2005

The tag...

I've been tagged to do this twice already (by ATC & Delirious) and although I find this kind of on-the-spot introspection immensely difficult, I'm giving it a shot.

If you dislike these things then skip it, nothing ground-breaking will be said...

  • 7 things I plan to do:
  1. Complete my training in Pediatric Cardiology
  2. Learn another language (or invent one)
  3. Write a book on agnosticism
  4. Spend a year in Germany
  5. Own a copy of every song I love
  6. Learn to play the sax or the guitar
  7. Invade Canada and establish an Epicurean Garden

  • 7 thing I can't do:
  1. Fake how I really feel
  2. Trust anyone with something important
  3. Play an instrument
  4. Attend an opera
  5. Do a headstand
  6. Fall asleep without reading something or watching TV
  7. Believe cats don't have it in for me

  • 7 things I always say:
  1. Thank you
  2. Ahlaaaaaaaan
  3. Errrrriiiight
  4. Ok, tomorrow
  5. I miss you
  6. It doesn't make sense!
  7. ...and your point is?

I tag everyone who finds this really really difficult to do...


Blogger Delirious said...

You seem to have a serious thing for Germany...

I should've introduced to my German friend. Maybe when he comes back! :)

I love this one: Invade Canada and establish an Epicurean Garden :D

11:51 AM, November 14, 2005  

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