Monday, May 09, 2005

Matchmaker Exasperator

The dialogue below is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to person, time or place is unintentional.

"Come on, I'm sure she's here!"
"No she's not."
"Yeah, like you're some expert, right? You can tell by just looking around?"
"Pretty much..."
"You're being silly! You guys can be so superficial! If you can think you can judge people by the way they look then you - "
" - I am not judging them by the way they look, ok? At least, not only by that. It's everything... I can just tell."
"Prove it."
(Sigh) "Ok... that woman sitting at the far corner."
"Yeah, what about her?"
"She has self-confidence issues."
"Pfffft! Ok, why?"
"She adjusts her posture every half-minute. She keeps glancing at her reflection in the window. And even though she does not look at the people approaching her, she makes quick uneasy glances at them as they walk away just to be sure they're not staring."
"Hmmm... maybe. But come on, you can't generalize like that. What about that table over there? That woman seems confident!"
"Yeah, she does. But she also wants to be left alone."
"... and why?"
"Her body language. Notice her arms are crossed and her head is held down. She stares upward every now and then to give the impression she's listening, but her thoughts are somewhere else entirely. Not to mention the fact that she keeps glancing at her cellphone, holding it for a few moments then setting it neatly down. I'd say she's waiting for someone, or a phone call. And she is in no mood to engage her friends, let alone a total stranger."
(Shaking her head) "You're a nutcase, you know that? You have this idea of this perfect person and you won't give anybody half a chance!"
"I never said I was looking for someone perfect! I just know whom I'm looking for, and I know that she's not here tonight. And even if she is here sometime, it probably won't be when I am here too. And even if we're both here we may never meet. So stop badgering me about it and let us enjoy our evening just the same? I really don't need her to feel happy."
"You've made me feel depressed. I hate you!"
"I love you too..."


Blogger Eve said...

Just curious: why was it that important to stress it was a fictional dialogue?

11:52 AM, May 09, 2005  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Sometimes that which we deny the most is what is most true. No?

12:03 AM, May 10, 2005  

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