Friday, September 24, 2004


Reason to love dogs #749:
It has been documented a group of clinical researches that the average family dog is capable of detecting whether or not a person has bladder cancer by sniffing a person's urine sample. Indeed, some of the people found to actually have cancer by this 'technique' were asymptomatic and would have remained oblivious to their cancer. It has been previously discovered that some dog owners whose pooches kept sniffing their skin moles repeatedly, were later found to have moles that were in the early stages of cancer.

It seems the dog's highly sensitive nose (approx. 100,000 times more sensitive than humans) is capable of detecting certain molecules released by tumors even when these tumors are still in the very early stages.

Cats... pfft! What a joke.

(check out this funny cartoon)


Blogger Slink said...

hey ramzi... thanks for the shower curtain empathy!!!
I have two cats. They might sense all sorts of things but just can't communicate what they find... who knows!

rock on

9:50 PM, October 14, 2004  

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