Sunday, September 05, 2004

The 'Other' News

In the past week a lot of stories have dominated the news. And given the state of media these days, any news source is virtually a clone of all the others. You must have heard of the tragic hostage situation in Russia, the constitutional amednment in Lebanon, the fierce insurgency in Iraq, etc. These are all headlines in their own right of course, but they are so dominant that we miss the 'other' news. Offbeat happenings that fall off the radar. So for your benefit, I will list some of the stories here (I hope this becomes a periodical thing):

1) Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins of Australia suffered a dramatic wardrobe malfunction!
Basically, she stepped on her skirt on a fashion show catwalk and the skirt fell off, revealing her posterior 'face' to the world. While the expensive designer gown was worth $15,000, what lay beneath was an every-girl G-string worth $6. It's not yet clear whether this was completely accidental or the work of Al-Qaeda. (see photo here)

2) Apple introduces a new weapon of mass destruction!
Well not as much destructive as it is incredibly deliciously sexy! The latest marvel in a line of marvels packs the entire machine into a unit the size of your average LCD screen. It is not yet clear if Apple developed this independently or was aided by a secret slave race of super-intelligent little green men. (tease yourself here)

3) HMS Victoria found off the coast of Tripoli!
The battleship HMS Victoria - the flagship of the British Mediterranean Fleet - took a trip to the the bottom of the ocean in 1983 after it was rammed by *ahem* HMS Camperdown. It has been discovered off the coast of Tripoli, Lebanon 111 years after it's sinking by Christian Francis, a Lebanese-Austrian who has been searching for the wreck since 1994 (don't ask me why). The Victoria is thought to be the only ship wreck in the world that lies vertically on the sea bed (it's Lebanon after all). In a news conference, Francis said he discovered it after he "...kept getting a weird echo of something sticking up." Err... yeah. Anyways, here are the before and after pictures.

To be continued...


Blogger Houss said...

Ramzi, you missed out on the paparrazi photos taken (or allegedly taken) of Haifa in al balad magazine. Don't tell me you missed out on that?

2:14 PM, September 08, 2004  

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