Saturday, September 03, 2005


Breaking News:

The four suspects arrested a few days ago have been FORMALLY CHARGED with complicity in the 14th Feb assassination of Hariri and others.

Their charges include the maximum penalty of death.

Coming soon to this blog... "200 Days", the minimovie.


Anonymous girl across the sea said...

Can't wait for the next heart project from you. So they have finally captured a few of the killers...took long enough but guess a capture months later is better than most who are allowed to stay free. So what does one do to the killers...get rid of them quickly...or a long slow death behind bars...would they face the same inhumanities so many of the so called prisoners have suffered? underground???

Okay enough from me...waiting you and the conviction results


4:04 AM, September 05, 2005  
Blogger La La said...

Ramzi: I should know this, but I don't. How do they carry out the death penalty in Lebanon?

1:34 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous girl across the sea said...

From what I recall although the Human Rights groups frown upon it it has to first be approved by the Prime Minister...Justice Minister and the President...after the civil war a law was made in the hopes to deter criminals although in '94 it arose again

Few prisoners last year died by firing squad and another by hanging...and they were the first since Lahoud was elected

10:50 PM, September 05, 2005  
Blogger Fouad said...

We are vehemently requesting the minimovie, Ramzi. btw there is a problem with your day counter...

5:07 AM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Yeah, about the movie, ermmm.. read the next post?

Janjoon, girl across the sea knows a lot about the death penalty back across the sea.

Thermo, the counter is a straight import off of which is going wrong for some reason. I figure they've got their formulas wrong somehow. Guess I'll have to make my own. Or maybe not, do you think we can consider the truth is out now?

4:02 PM, September 07, 2005  
Blogger Fouad said...

It has been out all along...

11:39 PM, September 07, 2005  

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