Monday, July 25, 2005

Long Before Now

"Did you miss me?"

"You didn't miss me?"

"Didn't you feel an emptiness when I left?"
"Of course I did. But it was welcome. It was just what I needed. The cramped remnants of my life before you rushed in with relief to take your place."

"...are you saying I was an obstacle?"
"More like a damn dam, rather."

"You ingrate! I loved you!"
"Yeah, I placed you on a pedestal. I'm sure that was real pleasant for you."

"You didn't love me?"
"I did. More than I should. More than you deserved."

"So I guess that's it. We're over now?"
"No, we were over long before now."

I should've said that.


Blogger Delirious said...

and what did you say instead?

10:45 PM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger Eve said...

He told her to stay, never to leave him..

11:05 PM, July 25, 2005  
Blogger Ramzi said...

I don't know what I said... but I should've said that.

12:15 AM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger Firas said...

Listen man, at least someone is not writing this ABOUT you. You get hurt you move on, but when she has a nasty character, she's the one really miserable.

8:58 AM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger Delirious said...

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing
But I
I love it when you read to me
And you
You can read me anything
The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb
But I
I love it when you sing to me
And you
You can sing me anything
The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know
Peter Gabriel

8:06 PM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger Slink said...

aaah the beautiful crazy fantasy that is the "I should have said..." Powerful moments. One day I'm gonna be quick enough and brave enough to say one, as perfectly timed and as perfectly composed as I imagine....

11:20 PM, July 26, 2005  
Blogger natalie said...

Spicy emotional drama is unfolding.

I knew not this drama, that is both spicy and emotional! But let me tell u sumthing that was a tought very ouch ouch lesson to learn...

The absolute best thing to say to people whose emotional I.Q is represented with the visual of hoofs and a pitchfork: nothing. nothing. nothing. not a damn freaggin thing.

Bow out gracefully, let them dance alone till they see its no fun. If they prefer the dance masterbation routine - so be it. Its weird my ex called me drunk last nite discussing how he wants to spread his emotions (technical term...sperm) around, but he loves me. He said it. Good for him. I didnt say shit. Then he proceeded to fall asleep while i was talking about sumthing ELSE.

Diversion tactic.

Its your jockstrap.

3:14 PM, July 27, 2005  
Blogger Ramzi said...


I'm remorseful, not hurt. Did I give that impression?


Pretty words...


You think? I doubt it. There'll always be something better you can think up.


See, I would've slammed the phone. Damn cell phones! I'd press the button real hard then.

1:19 AM, July 28, 2005  

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