Sunday, June 19, 2005

Plant the Cedar

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now." - African Proverb

The 2005 elections will conclude today at 6pm.
At 6:01, the challenge begins.

All Lebanese, regardless of sect or affiliation must start to come together and build the future.
The best time to have planted our Cedar has come and gone decades ago. The second best time is now.

Note: I have replaced the "Vote" reminder in the sidebar with the "Free your mind" clip. I will keep it there as a reminder of what has to be done, what we must achieve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't know me and that's alright...I live far far far from you...but feel very close to what is going on there. I just wanted to say you are have a way with words that brings reality to don't just say it like it is. I wish I could use your flashes to spread the word around...they are awesome always. I want to thank you also for allowing anonymous comments.
Just call me the Girl From Across the Sea
God Bless you!

10:14 AM, June 20, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem in lebanon is that every person is going to want to take credit for the cedar planted. is it a hopeless country? i sure hope not.

6:44 PM, June 20, 2005  
Blogger Firas said...

A lot of our mountains have become barren. Are there NGOs or governmental agencies for reforestation in Lebanon?

9:46 PM, June 20, 2005  
Blogger Ramzi said...

Girl From Acros the Sea
Thank you very much, you are very kind. I am glad I help the distance seem closer. God Bless us all...

Great, let them all take credit, for this time I have a feeling we really will be planting it all together. And let the question "Who planted the Cedar?" never be asked...

Governmental agencies, if they exist, are as effective as the rest of our beloved government.

There are NGO's that are working for this every summer, with volunteer camps all over Lebanon. Plus, every year or so, a company with big pockets and in need of promotion swings around and funds a big project on some mountain top.

But you know something? This is all very well, but almost nobody does anything about preserving the forests we have already. We lose acres every summer because of fire or disease.

That wasn't the inention of my post Firas but this is a pretty interesting tangent :)

10:45 PM, June 20, 2005  
Anonymous Maya said...

The boy scouts often plant cedars! I like the analogy though... It is time to plant the cedar, and water it, shine light onto it, nurture it. To me, this cedar is democracy. Fragile at first, but it can grow strong. It will take a lot of years for it to fully mature. But eventually it will. The question is: how long?

3:35 AM, June 21, 2005  

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