Saturday, June 18, 2005

100 days

100 days ago, on March 10, I described what it was like to walk through Freedom Square at night:
"...a small digital board counts the number of days that have elapsed since the tragedy. That night, it read "24"... 24 days waiting for "The Truth". (I couldn't help but notice that to the left of the "2" was a spare digit. It can go up to "999"...)"

Last night, it hit 124.

It's seems incredible to me that so much could have happened in 100 nights!
  • March 14th & the Syrian withdrawl
  • UN fact-finding... then investigation
  • Car bombs... and mirrors under cars
  • 48 days waiting for Karami... 48 ways to avoid a fair electoral law
  • Downtown is dead... alive again
  • Aoun moves back... and moves away
Excuse me if I forgot to mention one thing or the other, the events are overwhelming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

never underestimate a 100 days, they were enough to kill 800 000 rwandans in 94.

1:04 AM, June 19, 2005  

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