Thursday, June 02, 2005

Samir Kassir, Martyr

Samir Kassir was killed this morning at 11:15 am when a bomb ripped through his car in Ashrafieh.
Other casualties are reported.

Samir Kassir was known to be a free-willed journalist who staunchly defeneded democracy and civil rights in Lebanon, as well as bitterly criticizing the Syrian presence in Lebanon and the corrupt goverment.

He is a martyr.
May he rest in peace...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Freedom is all we have. Is only gift we have. Democracy, no democracy. Mind is free.

Martyr, he is still. He is good man. You are good man, I tell from writing of your.

I wrote comment on other blog, I appoligize for what I write. You are good man. Truthfull writer.


7:38 AM, June 13, 2005  

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