Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's Simmer-time!

I hate to state the obvious but it's HOT HUMID and STICKY!
I don't understand why anyone would rejoice that summer is near.
Here is my argument:
  1. We are warm-blooded and hence need to release heat, not bask in the sun like reptiles.
  2. Regardless of what religious belief you ascribe to, Hell is always portrayed as a hot and sweaty place.
  3. The Sahara is hot, the Sahara is dead.
We should call it Simmer-time, dunk ourselves in ice, and wait for winter to roll by again...


Blogger Slink said...

I'm with you Ramzi... I'm not a big fan of summer (no sign of it here in the UK yet though!). I hate how I have to show parts of my body that I hate just to keep cool, I hate the stickiness, I have fair skin so get burnt very easily... I associate it with insecurity,pain, and sweat. Booo.

11:53 PM, April 13, 2005  
Blogger sadlers5 said...

being irish, swedish and french really lets you burn easy so you lebanese guys should be all set since you tan easy i think! go jump in the ocean to cool off! take care and turn on the ac!

3:57 PM, April 21, 2005  

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