Friday, March 25, 2005

Just Kofi, thanks.

Kofi Annan has put a big, blue ribbon over the globe, reminding everyone and anyone that a crime of such evil will not be brushed aside.

Among the people who stayed up late to hear the report of the UN fact-finding mission into Hariri's assassination, I can tell you that there were at least 3 people with very different reactions:

1) Vindication; for the international community has just learned of the systematic negligence and inaptitude that has been blatantly obvious to him all along!

2) Relief; for the report 'only' charged him with systematic negligence and inaptitude. Hooray!

3) Disappointment; for the report did not accuse whom he believes is so obviously behind the assassination!

Which one of the above do you feel represents you?
On second thought, never mind.
The coming step is inevitable.
Those who oppose or object to an international investigating team now might as well stand up and confess...

So what does this mean in the coming few days? I suppose it will be felt most by those who live in and around the UN ESCWA HQ in downtown Beirut. The security measures already going up around that big block are frightful and they will certainly only increase if the UN investigation team chooses that site as their workbase. Sigh...


Blogger liminal said...

I feel like there is yet much to be done. I don't feel any of the first two. Though I am very disappointed that we've had to wait this long for such a confirmation of the government's ineptitude. I think this one should follow the books closely. Because they're investigation turned out so flawed, they have to start all over, they couldn't actually just come out and say that...unless somebody caught them in a big lie. Then they would first have to answer to those lies. So, we could be in for a wait. And nothing is for sure even now. What's that saying...'dont count your chickens before they roost.' ...yea i beleive that's it.

but he did step to the line and pointed the necessary finger. and that's heading in the right direction.


5:37 PM, March 25, 2005  
Blogger Jawad said...

I certainly agree that there is still much to be done. Many, including myself, are anxious to learn of the results of the investigation. But we ought to be patient although we must be relentless in pushing for the truth.

10:44 PM, March 25, 2005  
Anonymous Athena said...

I am disappointed.

I think Kofi Annan and the UN are inept and too scared to make any condemning statements. What is needed is the truth, not some organization's crap that has shown its ineffectiveness over and over again.

When do you think Syria will pull out by the way? What are the rumours that you hear?

12:25 AM, March 26, 2005  
Blogger Rampurple said...

Athena... it wasnt the job of the investigating team in Lebanon to find out who commited the crime, their job was only to find out how the crime happened, what possibly caused the crime, and the atmosphere in lebanon.

They maybe did a good job with their report, but how did the explosion happen? all they said was that it was above the ground, and its very possible that it was a car, but thats not a definite answer!

11:48 AM, March 26, 2005  

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