Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some Spin

"Don't call her today, that's too soon. Keep it till tomorrow..."
I agreed.
But why? What is tomorrow anyway? It's the passage of light then day. A revolution of the planet upon its axis. And somehow, when one such revolution has taken place, many things that would have seem rushed are now justified. And yet others become too distant.

A year. The planet has taken a meander around the sun and is once again in the same position it was before. Bloody brilliant. Suddenly there are birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals relived. How dare you let the Earth return to the same position it was on the day I was born and not wish me a happy new revolution?! And a revolution since the revolution? Grab a flag and take to the streets...


Blogger raf* said...

dear ramzi,

stop whining. just wait a day and CALL HER. you're overthinking. stop it, stop it, STOP IT!

of course, if she likes the "dark, brooding type" ... that's another story.



12:34 PM, March 22, 2006  

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