Saturday, July 29, 2006


It's been a while since I'd enjoyed a Black Label, long glass, full ice over a crowded bar top while unfamiliar jazzy music accompanied the hubbub of beautiful people.

17 days of bombing and death.

I hate counting the days.
Partly because it somehow brings acceptance, as if I expect more days to come.
And secondly because the counter on the right has been running for 530 days and we still didn't put the murderers in jail.

I'd passed through the once bustling street of Gemmayzeh a few days ago and found that most of the pubs were still open. So I found myself tonight at Godot, a cozy pub with a name supposed to invoke the famous tale of waiting. Yes, the irony.

The bartenders were decorated with "No War" stickers and handed them out to the patrons. A group of foreign expats walked in halfway through the evening. This would have been normal 2 weeks ago, but now everyone turned around and stared. TV crew? Relief workers? 10 minutes later they were already in conversation with a group of Lebanese singles, and you hardly noticed they were there anymore.

My friend and I debated love, destiny and astrology signs. Anything would do other than what was currently happening. I was tired of saying the same things over and over again, and she didn't really care for politics anyway.

How long did that bubble last? Not long.
On the street, an army checkpoint. Good job boys, this is where the action is.

I got home, the power was out and the street was dark. Ah yes, the war.
Half an hour later the power came back and the candles were extinguished.

Turned on the TV. Every single news channel was covering Lebanon. How flattering.

Jordanian and Dubai TV had telethons to raise money to aid the Lebanese civilians. One man was reading out a poem about Lebanon by Nizar Kabbani that my father would always recite to me.

I'm not sure if it was that poem, everything I mentioned above, or the 17 days of violence that finally made my tears run.

I cried. But then quickly checked myself. I still had a home, loved ones and a future. Many Lebanese sleep tonight without any of these.

"The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh. Let us not then speak ill of our generation, it is not any unhappier than its predecessors. Let us not speak well of it either. Let us not speak of it at all." - Waiting for Godot, Samuel Beckett


Blogger FurGaia said...

Take care!

4:33 AM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Ajay said...

drinking alcohol??? If the Hizzies get you, you will be taken care of. No more Black Label for you.

5:33 AM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger Lycanthropy said...

have a drink for me at pacifico

6:35 AM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger sheri said...

hope this nightmare will end as fast as it started. I love Lebanon and this HORROR is breaking my heart! I spent last summer dancing all night in clubs and cooling off all day in outrageously cool beaches. I pray for peace! Love Sheri

7:14 AM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger aroundtheclock24_7 said...

You said "I still had a home, loved ones and a future.", but you forgot kamein that you are loved and cared for by others and that does count big time. I LOVED your spirit since day one when i started reading this blog even before i got to know you in person. And now YOU know that you're not just a fellow blogger but also a VERY dear friend. So here i am telling you that I am here for you besides a long line of people (Yes i know that standing in line for Lebanese is out of the question but just imagine it :) for we are all in your shoes in a way or another but some of us can express it in writing while others in actions or even silence. Bless you x x x

8:14 AM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger Mirvat said...

cheer up ramzi. yalla it'll be over soon. before you know it ra7 nirja3 a7la mimma kinna. alla wsa3edna we ninsa we nsame7 as hard as it feels now.
hanet, stay strong.
have a drink for me too at pacifico? i love that place. wel cassino? ba3don fet7een?
3a awwal cease fire, la3youn ramzi a7la sahra.
i don't know what to say...

10:06 AM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you people have no idea what is going on over there. lebanon is a terrorist haven. israel will destroy

2:04 PM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out new post:
A country for rent

2:14 PM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Emily said...

i always thought that what was going on somewhere was defined by what people who are there experience, feel, see. thank you for your blog, ramzi. i love to read your blah blah.

2:14 PM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger Delirious said...

Hummm... so that's why my Scrabble opponent wasn't online. :)

4:47 PM, July 29, 2006  
Blogger otterinaround said...

The sentiments of your page resonate in all of us... I hate the reak of stupidity spewing from people who only expect us to spoon up and eat the political vomit they feast upon. Sorry but I was born WITH a brain! I see that the poor will pay for a rise in VAT and a hike in Israeli defense spending. I know that Lebanon has been the political whore for other countries wars. I'm also tired of this entire reason being used this way... Grab a fajita for me at Pacifico... toast to the stars for me at Central... and weep beside my footsteps left only in my memories as I wander the hills of Bin Jbeil.

9:38 PM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the ignoramus who said Lebanon is a terrorist haven - why don't you just shut up and then people will only hate you for the way you look.

Ramzi has been opening his heart and trying to make sense of things. Unlike you, he is not wishing destruction on those who destroy.

Israel is the world's dirtiest whore. She takes her billions from her sugar papa and wreaks damage. Then she puts on her torn little holocaust dress she's kept in the wardrobe and simpers and moans about it all.

But we all know what happens when you cry 'wolf' too much.

10:00 PM, July 29, 2006  
Anonymous D.y. said...

In the past few days I've been reading some of the stuff written by some obviously very intelligent Lebanese people. With a full time job (lawyer - you've gotta hate me all the more just for that) and three kids under 8, i don't get much time to read and ironically it's very refreshing to read this stuff that is totally uncensored, instead of the very repeatative Israel YNet news. It is upsetting to read and discover the enormous feeling of hate towards Israelis. Hey, in my world we're the good guys. We're the sane ones! Only one generation ago we were rounded up, babies shot in cold blood, kids torn apart in front of their mothers, and unthinkable horrors that I had the honor of hearing personal testimonies of. The cinders and ashes somehow managed to form a democratic, free western state in a crazed region. We educate our children to sanctify peace, and from their birth we pray constantly that maybe by the time they're 18 there'll no longer be any reason to call them up for army service. Along with this we have to teach our kids not to touch unidentified bags and objects in the street, as they could be bombs. (This actually goes hand in hand with "don't you dare cross that road by yourself" and "don't take sweets from strangers").We regard as absolutly natural the fact that entrance to every public mall, cinema and suchlike means opening our bags and going through metal detectors most people only see in airports. My 5 yr old asked me sometime ago what it's like to go on a bus. I smiled and was about to reply - lets go on Friday on a bus trip but stopped myself short - why risk being on public transport where some mad suicide bomber could get us? so I made the lame excuse of the family Mitsubishi being much safer 'cos of the child car seats. So that's our life. We lead a very western life - work hard all week and sweet suburbia living on the weekends. But, we're still in the middle-east and have to look out for ourselves, because as history teaches, if we don't, no-one else will, not even great Uncle Sam. I know one of the soldiers who was kidnapped. I find myself hoping he was killed so as not to suffer under the ruthless hands of his kidnappers. Their respect is only for Samir Kuntar, the great mighty hero who on April 21st 1979 broke into the Haran family home in Naharia - parents Dan & Smadar, and their little girls Einat, 4 yrs old and Yael, 2 yrs old. Along with some others, he dragged Dan from the home and took little Einat with too. Smadar had Yael in her arms, hiding in a closet, and smothered her accidentally in order for her cries not to reveal them. The child died in her arms. Dan and Einat were shot on the beach by this great Lebanese hero.
I know that great suffering is occurring on the other side of the border, that Lebanon is unable to protect itself from these terrorists who continue to bring horror and suffering on both sides. I used to think this was because it was just another primative third world country like most Arab countries. But when I read the blogs I just don't get it. Where are all the normal people when it comes to running things? Why is it so obvious that Israel - 58 yrs old - was from the start a democratic self sufficient country? We don't have warlords or groups of gunmen controling parts of the state or the capital city or kidnapping neighbouring states' soldiers or citizens, so why does Lebanon? Well I just hope all you intelligents, many of whom seem not to actually live in Lebanon, get jolted into going home and actually doing something about it, for all our sakes. May the one G-d of all our nations bring peace and sanity soon, and hopefully in 13 yrs my son will be able to just go to university in peace, on a bus.

1:15 AM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Mirvat said...

let me start by saying that ramzi lives in lebanon, even right now. most of the lebanese population, if not all, is highly educated and very smart. we're all well aware of our politics and our history. you're a lawyer and your simplistic views of the matter surprise me.
- isael is a new state and it shows a state of democracy and an american way of life. it works for you, after all Israel is a homogenous population as you intended it to be through ethnic cleansing mostly. also it's not really a democracy. israel is an army-controlled state. it's a military regime. read ha'aretz that does a good job explaining this aspect and criticizing your regime.
- you do have a lot of internal conflict as we do. maybe it's not reflected to you as much or to the american jews (check the propaganda movie i posted on and in this respect our media is free and our different political views allow us to be critical of our politicians which is healthy.
- we all love peace. why would any population hate peace. the state of israel does not want peace. i talk to a lot of israelis here in NY (we do not hate the people of israel we hate the government), a lot are good friends and a lot of them agree that its their policy that's getting them in trouble and that will leave a hell of a situation to your kids. what about jews against the occupation, who are considered self-hating jews and anti-semites just because they see beyond what your government is doing. they forget about what it's been done in 48, golda meir saying the palestinians don't exist, they talk about 67 and go from an ideology of paranoia aggression and racism. most arabic countries signed peace and they still terrify their people!!.
- we might have been hosting a war that's not ours in the 1978 israeli invasion, when we were hosting the PLO. eventhough it's completely justified for because we feel with our fellow palestinians for the crimes you guys are committing in gaza and the west bank, the occupied land, the settlements, the killings, the checkpoints (again see the film on my blog) but now this is our war. this is an insult to us. HA is lebanese resistance against your occupation of 22 years and for 100 000 LEBANESE people that you've killed all these years.
BELIEVE me you are the enemy to us not HA. olmert and the sorts are as terrorizing as HA people, so it's all the same. guerrilla or not, your "terrorist" nomination that started as a propaganda after 9/11 and that sharon adopted to make an american case against us doesn't fool anyone. these are freedom fighters and you are the aggressors. the cause and effect is always backwards with israel.
LOOK at nablus, gaza, lebanon, see the common strategy. leveling houses, destruction en masse. this is your israel. this is your promised land.

if you people don't oppose your government and don't stop the torture of palestinians in west bank and gaza and don't stop the aggressive policy, your children will never have peace nor will ours.

i urge you to watch the film that i posted.

9:10 AM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear lawyer man ( you got that in presumably to show some moral high ground?)

I think part of your problem is that you live in an insular little world,a situation that is manifested by your media and your slavish adherence to the US of A. You express surprise at the Lebanese who are known by the rest of the world to be amongst the most highly educated. I myself have barely a cousin without a PHd from one of the world's top universities. And Lebanon is a pluralist democracy. So think about that.

Now, the fact remains that - not entirely through your own fault - your country was set up on false premises. So that is the problem. You can cry democracy all you like but it is meaningless. Just a word. After all war is about semantics.

As for your heart rending story about living with the threat of terror, here in the UK we lived with the IRA (funded by Americans...) for years. No where was safe. Sometimes you had to evacuate a tube station four times in one day. But we didn't go and bomb the shit out of Northern Ireland.

So lawyer man, spare us the violins and glib sentimentality. Spare us the false empathy. You and your countrymen have lived off the proceeds of corrupt American governments for years. But now, certainly in Europe, we are fed up with you.

Lastly there are no winners in war. If you accept that war is morally wrong there is no wrong and right side. It is all tragically wrong. Regression into the past only makes that worse. It is time to find a new way forward.

"The past is another country. They do things differently there." LP Hartley. The Go-Between.

LS, London.

12:37 PM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger carine said...

thank you for the sticker! :)

1:17 PM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger MAZe said...

Mr Lawyer,

How can you call your country a democracy? is it just because you vote for a new gung ho prime minister?

Isn't Israel the JEWISH state? so what's the differnce between Israel and Iran which identify themselves on their religious edicts? they both vote for a parliament and they're both controlled by religious bigots!

History didn't begin 20 days ago, it began 58 years ago. Fix the palestinian problem justly and none of the "terrorist" labeled organisations can justify their existence.

3:49 PM, July 30, 2006  
Blogger Akiva M said...


if you ever get to NY, shoot me an email. I'll have a glass of blue label waiting for you

9:56 PM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Christopher said...

Is a person that murders 2 people any better than one that murders 10?

I read most of your posts, and can tell you that both sides are wrong! The Hizzys are no better than the Zionists. Both sides are so Fu*&ed that it it is impossible to distinquish between the two. So the Hizzys keep the zionists,
for the most part of Lebanese territory, while the rest of the country is decimated. Congratulations! Some victory!

There will be a special place in hell for the Hizzys and Zionists. I'm watching Lebanon burn from the comfort of my safe home in the west, and I won't shed a tear.


9:59 PM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would everybody please excuse Christopher. Ever since they cut off his diseased penis, he hasn't been the same.

Don't worry Christopher. You never needed it anyway.

10:52 PM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Christopher said...

"Would everybody please excuse Christopher. "

Pretty generic retort. What part of my post do you find fault with? Sorry, this is how I feel right now. Proxy wars with the majority of casualty civilian, disgust me. Sorry if you took offense.

Have you considered for a moment that you just might be wrong???

11:13 PM, July 30, 2006  
Anonymous Christopher said...

"Israel is the world's dirtiest whore. She takes her billions from her sugar papa and wreaks damage. Then she puts on her torn little holocaust dress she's kept in the wardrobe and simpers and moans about it all.

But we all know what happens when you cry 'wolf' too much."

You are obviously a racist. God forbid a Jew kills an Arab in time of war. Sunni on Sunni, Shia on Shia, Shia on Sunni, well, shit happens in your book - this doesn't bother you, but a JEW killing an Arab - that makes your blood boil! With your above views no wonder why they use the phosphorus.

We are all humans - Christian, Arab, Jew. Please stop the hatred. I am very angry right now, I apologize if I am coming off harsh, maybe I am turning into a misanthrope.

3:05 AM, July 31, 2006  
Blogger Shirin said...

I hope the war will be over soon.
Children are dying... children are not supouse to die. I hope that the massacre in Qana opened the eyes of those who tought that war is the answer.... War is never the answer.

Lebanese be strong,

Shirin from Lebanon

8:27 PM, July 31, 2006  
Anonymous hiba said...

i entered ur blog accidently 3 month ago when i was checkin my freinds blog....and i liked the way u write and join us in everuthing..since then i didn't check my friends blog...and i kept checking your blogs all the time...and i'm like everyone, i just miss beirut..i never felt this way if i wanna hug the land and i feel sooo far..hug the land for me....i just can't feel that away anymore..i love being lebanese...however, i couldn't's never enough, actually i prefer loving it silently...on my way
maybe jubran is right...although i hate to think this way...but this is there lebanon...they wanted it this way...and i miss mine badly

10:57 AM, August 01, 2006  
Anonymous D.Y said...

To LS from London -

A. I'm a lawyer woman, not man, not that it matters really.
The mention of my profession was in humour, which is an important commodity in our neighbourhood in order to reserve a little sanity. I apologize, no offence intended. I'm aware that Lebanon has a vast inteligentia, which makes the fact that is is unable to act as a sovereign in it's entire territory all the more puzzling to me.

B. I also happen to be a british citizen - born and bred in London, n.14. So I also know the IRA is a different situation. We're dealing here with a situation in which a neighbouring country that is, as I understand, not interested in war with Israel, is unable to stop a militia group, who along with it's big brother, wishes to wipe us off the face of the earth. Recognition of Israel as a sovereign state is recognition of her right to self defence. I shouldn't think France would tolerate a militia group in Germany popping over every now and again and kidnapping a few soldiers or shooting down a few kids on a bus. But then, you never know.

To Maze
We dealing with a militia group that doesn't even recognize our right to exist so it's pretty irrelevant to go into the question whether defining a state as "Jewish" and "Democratic" in Ben-Gurion's Declaration of Independance is a contradiction in terms. The discussion is definately one of the most interesting discussions in modern Israel. If Iranians want to be religious and shut their women up at home, cover them in black and stone them to death for peaping over their veils - well, to each his own. When they start getting hold of nuclear bombs, and a bit before, I get worried. I think Lebanon should be worried about that too because, who knows, someone might accidentially jog the missile a bit to the right and it would land in Beirut instead of Tel-Aviv...
In my opinion, the Jewish state is the only guarantee of any life for jews within the state or without. That's why I'm here. Our family fled the progroms of Russia at the turn of the previous century, were lucky that Hitler didn't get across the British channel, and I'm not leaving my children's destiny in the hands of others. They will defend themselves even at the ultimate cost. So we're here and those whose sole aim is to dump us into the sea will have to come to terms with it and with the fact that we have our right to self-defense. My heart goes out to the families in Lebanon and the victims in Kana, but it makes you wonder what vile wicked mind allowed the whole village to evacuate but stuck 50 children in a building on top of the local arsenal of rockets aimed at other children over the border.

1:12 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Mirvat said...

please post:
America Should Stop the Bloodshed
WHAT: Silent candlelight vigil
WHEN: Thursday, August 3rd, 7:30pm
WHERE: South side of Union Square Park, New York City

9:19 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Neil Williams said...

Blair, Olmert and Bush are murderers - by George Galloway MP

“Expanding and strengthening” the onslaught against the people of Lebanon. That was Israel’s response to the international outcry over the slaughter of 56 civilians, most of them children, in Qana.
And with the world’s eyes turned to the increasingly savage offensive in southern Lebanon, Israel has tightened the noose of collective punishment around the Palestinians in Gaza. Accompanying all this are the barely concealed calls in Washington for an assault on Iran and Syria.
No one should be in any doubt which way the chain of cause and effect runs. George Bush, with Tony Blair at his heel, is backing Israel to the hilt because the US wants Hizbollah’s resistance in Lebanon smashed as a prelude to an attack on Iran.
In Washington, Blair alluded to such a war. Catastrophe It is their perverse reaction to the catastrophe engulfing the occupation in Iraq, where the number of US forces is now increasing rather than being “drawn down” as was promised to military families earlier this year.
To the Iraq disaster we can add Afghanistan, where Britain lost three more soldiers on Monday. Where two wars have failed, perhaps a wider one might succeed. Such is the logic that is tearing hundreds of Lebanese civilians to shreds and is bringing us to the brink of a gigantic conflagration.
That is also the reasoning behind US, British and Israeli talk of imposing a foreign force in southern Lebanon. This is not a plan for peace - it is a step to further war.
The belligerent forces - Israel, armed by the US, with Blair using British airports to act as quartermaster - are talking of sending troops as an alternative to a ceasefire.
They want the war to continue until Israel wins, and they want to deploy forces in southern Lebanon to help Israel win. They are becoming more anxious to get other countries to send those troops precisely because Israel is not winning.
Its generals have been shocked by the effectiveness of Hizbollah’s military resistance. Politically, the invasion of Lebanon - for that is what it is - is already a disaster for Israel and the US.
It has strengthened the national resistance in Lebanon, with Hizbollah at its centre. Lebanon’s pro-Western Government speaks of Hizbollah as resistance fighters.
Far from reopening sectarian and confessional divisions, which the US and Israel hoped would embroil Hizbollah in civil war, the assault on Lebanon has rallied huge numbers of Christians, Druze and Sunni Muslims behind the banner of Hizbollah.
Across the Middle East anger is boiling at Israel and the US certainly, but also at the corrupt kings and puppet presidents who are allowing the massacre of Lebanon to take place. Millions are taking inspiration from the Lebanese resistance. It is that resistance that could halt the wider war drive and bring some relief to the besieged Palestinians.
Make no mistake, if that resistance is broken, the result will be no kind of peace, but an even wider war.
If Israel, the US and Britain win in southern Lebanon, I warn you not to be Iranian; I warn you not to be Syrian; I warn you not to be an infant in Gaza; I warn you not to be old in Bint Jbeil; I warn you not to thirst for freedom in Egypt; I warn you not to cry out for justice in Jordan; I warn you not to demand democracy in Saudi Arabia - for if the imperialist forces win in Lebanon, more Middle Eastern countries will be dragged into the maw of war, and the hand of reaction will be strengthened everywhere.
But if they are defeated, if the resistance led by Hizbollah halts the invasion of Lebanon, if it refuses to kneel before imperial might, then a fire will be lit under every throne and in every corrupt chancellery from the Atlantic coast of North Africa to the banks of the Euphrates.
It will speed the day when the impoverished masses across the region take control of their destiny. It will give new hope to the Palestinians.
It will inspire those Israelis, currently few in number, who know the next six decades cannot be like the last and that there must be justice for Palestine.
It will bring us closer to a durable peace.
And, in humbling the masters of global military and economic power, it will embolden everyone who is fighting for a better world.
George Galloway MP.
The origional article can be found at:


Map of infrastructure bombed in Lebanon. Infrastructure targets destroyed by the Israeli airforce between 12 and 24 July 2006 at:


Huge demonstration in support of the people of Lebanon and Palestine to take place in London, UK on Saturday 6th August. See below for details: •Unconditional ceasefire now •Stop Israel's attacks on Lebanon and Gaza •End Tony Blair's support for Bush's wars


Read more articles by George Galloway (UK Respect MP) and in support of the Hizbollah Resistance on the Respect Blog at:

Neil Williams
Respect Blog (UK)


بلير وبوش اولمرت قاتلان ، الناءب جورج غالاوي "توسيع وتعزيز" الهجوم ضد شعب لبنان. ان اسراءيل هي رد فعل دوليا عنيفا علي قتل 56 مدنيا معظمهم من الاطفال ، في قانا. وعيون العالم تتجه الي زياده الهجوم الوحشي في جنوب لبنان ، واسراءيل الخناق حول العقاب الجماعي للفلسطينيين في غزه. يرافق كل هذا هي بالكاد يخفي تدعو واشنطن هجوما علي ايران وسوريا. لا ينبغي باي حال من الاحوال اي شك سلسله الاسباب والنتاءج المرات. جورج بوش وتوني بلير في ان الكعب هو دعم اسراءيل علي المقبض المتحده تريد ان حزب الله في لبنان وسحق المقاومه تمهيدا لشن هجوم علي ايران. في واشنطن ، والمح بلير الي الحرب. الكارثه وهي معاكسه كرد فعل الكارثه التي تجتاح الاحتلال في العراق ، حيث زاد عدد القوات الاميركيه حاليا الزياده بدلا من "سحب" كما وعد اسر العسكريين وقت سابق من هذا العام. الي كارثه العراق نضيف افغانستان حيث خسرت بريطانيا اكثر من ثلاثه جنود الاثنين. اذا لم حربين ربما اوسع يمكن ان تنجح. هذا هو المنطق الذي يمزق مءات المدنيين اللبنانيين ، الي تصريحات وصولنا الي حافه حرب ضخمه. وهذا ايضا هو السبب وراء الولايات المتحده وبريطانيا والحديث الاسراءيلي فرض قوه اجنبيه في جنوب لبنان. هذه ليست خطه سلام بل هي خطه مواصله الحرب. القوات المتحاربه اسراءيل وتسلحها الولايات المتحده ، مع بلير باستخدام المطارات البريطانيه للعمل التموين - الحديث عن ارسال قوات بديلا عن وقف لاطلاق النار. يريدون استمرار الحرب حتي ينتصر ، واسراءيل تريد ان تنشر قواتها في جنوب لبنان بمساعده اسراءيل للفوز بها. ويزداد قلق دول اخري للحصول علي ارسال تلك القوات بسبب عدم حصوله علي اسراءيل. جنرالاته هزته فاعليه المقاومه العسكريه لحزب الله. سياسيا ، غزو لبنان - التي كما هي فعلا كارثه بالنسبه لاسراءيل والولايات المتحده. ودعمت المقاومه الوطنيه في لبنان مع حزب الله ، في الوسط. لبنان حكومه مواليه للغرب يتحدث عن حزب الله ومقاتلي المقاومه. بدلا من فتح الطاءفيه والانقسامات الطاءفيه والولايات المتحده واسراءيل تامل ان تورط حزب الله في الحرب الاهليه ، الاعتداء علي لبنان حشد اعداد ضخمه من المسيحيين والدروز والمسلمون السنه وراء شعار حزب الله. عبر الشرق الاوسط يغلي غضبا علي اسراءيل والولايات المتحده بالتاكيد ، لكن ايضا في الفاسد العميل الملوك والرءساء الذين يسمحان مذبحه تجري لبنان. الهام اخذ الملايين من المقاومه اللبنانيه. ان المقاومه هي التي يمكن ان توقف الحرب اوسع حمله وتقديم الغوث الي بعض الفلسطينيين المحاصرين. تاكدوا اذا كان كسر المقاومه ، وسيءدي اي نوع من السلام ، ولكن علي نطاق اوسع الحرب. واذا كانت اسراءيل والولايات المتحده وبريطانيا للفوز في جنوب لبنان ، وانتم لا وانبه الي ايران. وانبه لكم لن السوريه. وانبه لكم لن رضيع في غزه. وانبه لكم لن القديمه في بنت جبيل. انني احذر انت لا عطشا للحريه في مصر. انني احذر انت لا تصرخ من اجل العداله في الاردن. انني احذر انت لا تطالب بالديمقراطيه في السعوديه ، فاذا كانت القوي الامبرياليه الفوز لبنان اكثر بلدان الشرق الاوسط الانجرار والحوصله الحرب ، ومن جهه الرد سيكون في كل الانحاء. لكن اذا فاز ، ان المقاومه بقياده حزب الله وقف غزو لبنان ، لانها لا تريد ان تركع امام الامبرياليه قد اذن حريق ستكون مضاءه تحت كل عرش وفي كل فاسد مستشاريه من ساحل المحيط الاطلسي في شمال افريقيا علي ضفاف الفرات. وبسرعه يوم والجماهير الفقيره في المنطقه من السيطره علي مقدراته. ويعطي الامل للفلسطينيين. ويلهم هءلاء الاسراءيليين حاليا قليله العدد من معرفه العقود السته المقبله لن تكون الاخيره وان ذلك يجب ان تكون هناك عداله في فلسطين. وتقربنا الي سلام داءم. وفي الاذلال ساده العالم العسكريه والقوه الاقتصاديه ، وشجع كل من يقاتل من اجل عالم افضل. الناءب جورج غالاوي. الماده وريغيونال ويمكن الاطلاع علي :؟article_id=9391 ......... خريطه قصف البني التحتيه في لبنان. اهداف البنيه التحتيه التي دمرها الطيران الاسراءيلي بين 12 و 24 يوليو 2006 في :؟article_id=9366 .......... . تظاهره ضخمه دعما لشعب لبنان وفلسطين المقرر عقده في لندن يوم السبت السادس بريطانيا اب / اغسطس. انظر التفاصيل ادناه : • وقف اطلاق النار غير المشروط الان • وقف الهجمات الاسراءيليه علي لبنان وغزه • نهايه توني بلير تاييد بوش حروب ......... اكثر المقالات قراءه جورج غالاوي (بريطانيا بخصوص الناءب) ودعم حزب الله والمقاومه علي احترام في بلوغ : نيل وليامز بالنسبه بلوغ (بريطانيا)

Neil Williams

1:50 AM, August 02, 2006  
Anonymous Young Man of IDF said...

I am a Zionist and as we speak we are coming to kill son's and father's that are active in Hizbollah terrorist militia. We do not wish harm civilians and only target military operating. If you have relatives in south, we implore you to tell them to go north. Lebanese Army - please stay out of battle, we wish you no harm. In great numbers we come now. You shall soon be rebuilding Lebanon.


To Lebanese that fighing us, we wish you love and peace.

2:33 AM, August 02, 2006  
Blogger snurdly said...

More Iranian control...that's what Lebanon needs. Gotta kill the Jews...those aweful Jews. 1 Israeli dead is better than a thousand Muslims dead.

4:39 AM, August 02, 2006  
Anonymous ד.י. said...

לחייל צה"ל -

אתה רציני או שזו בדיחה או מה? אם זה רציני - זה אחלה, סופר מרגש, ואם זו בדיחה - וואלה, לא רע בכלל.


10:06 AM, August 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you're alive, and still yourself - "ok " is too much to ask these days.

I wish there were many more like you in your country, in mine, and everywhere else
Take care

6:49 PM, August 02, 2006  

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