Wednesday, February 09, 2005

OTB: Part II

Due to technical reasons (I couldn't sign in to Blogger!) Operation Taste-Buck's was postponed until now. Below is the conclusion to my first foray into the world of new experiences...

Cafe Latte Posted by Hello

Objective: The Dairy Brothers

Description: The basic latte involves a generous helping of fresh milk is poured into a stainless steel pitcher, which is then placed under a steam tap till all the contents are warm and frothy. The milk is then poured into a mug and two shots of steaming esspresso are thrown in and the froth added on top. Variations on this include no-foam, non-fat and additional flavorings (vanilla, caramel, chocolate, etc...)

Experience: Immortalized by many episodes of "Frasier", the latte is full-bodied, nourishing and reassuringly familiar. The coffee is only an aftertaste. This is the cocktail mix of coffee drinks. Something tells me that people who drink this religiously were probably weaned off their mother's breasts too soon!

Grade: 6/10

Chocolate Frappacino Posted by Hello

Objective: The Blended Bunch

Description: The premise is simple. Place ice, cream and flavor of the day to a plastic container. Blend the lot until they achieve the consistency of curbside snow on a busy street. Pour, cover with cream, add a dab of syrup, poke with a straw. Call it a frappacino and make it sound Italian... kind of.

Experience: This was truly fun to watch as well as taste. Milkshake may be a more accurate description. I particularly enjoyed the mocha flavor, it's choco milkshake for adults. As for the calorie factor these drinks are the heavyweights (no pun intended). You are left feeling fresh and playful, with no party in sight. These are the energy drinks of coffee houses.

Grade: 8/10


And so ends Operation Taste-Buck's! It was modest but good enough as a start of experimentation.

Next mission: Operation Pedal Power (can only be done on a Sunday, details will follow)


Blogger Slink said...

WOW, nice work ramzi. Ah starbucks... As a non-coffee drinker I can't comment much on the drinks but their chocolate cheesecake's a gorgeous beast of a cake. mmmmmmm.

7:19 PM, February 09, 2005  

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